Silensor-sl Anti-Snoring Devices

Helping your patient sleep soundly.

Over 40% of the UK population snores

This affects not just the sufferer but family members and partners whose sleep is also disturbed each night as a result. If left unaddressed, snoring will lead to tiredness, stress, headaches and general irritability, which will eventually impact the patient’s overall health, wellbeing and quality of life.


Bespoke anti-snoring devices


Snoring and sleep apnoea are common disorders caused by a constriction of the airways and pauses in an individual’s breathing during sleep. Studies show that advancing the lower jaw works to considerably reduce snoring and its effects in over 80% of patients, and over 50% of sleep apnoea sufferers. That’s why here at the Howe Ceramics dental lab near London, we offer the Silensor-sl anti-snoring device; a type of mandibular advancement splint, or MAS.

The custom-made Silensor-sl anti-snoring device is worn in the mouth at night to gently keep the patients’ airways open while they sleep. A proven snore guard, the Silensor-sl is completely metal-free and comfortable for patients to wear.

  • Easily adjustable design
  • Proven effectiveness in treating snoring and symptoms of sleep apnoea
  • Metal-free for flexible wear
  • Superior comfort for a great night’s sleep

Custom-made by our talented team of experts, our anti-snoring appliances will be created, fitted and adjusted to suit your patient’s needs, ensuring comfortability and customer satisfaction.


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