Clinical Dental Technicians

Dedicated Denture Services.

A full range of chair-side denture services

A CDT, or Clinical Dental Technician, is a registered professional trained to offer a full range of denture services outside of visiting the dentist. The Howe Ceramic CDTs are qualified to take on both a dentist and technician role when it comes to dentures, as they will take the patients impressions, make and fit the prosthetic, working directly with the patient.


The benefits

  • Faster treatment times. Faster results!
  • Ensures the perfect fit of the patients’ dentures
  • Direct patient communication with the CDT crafting the denture
  • The CDT can repair dentures for patients, as well as construct new, removable appliances

Whatever the preference in material, the Howe Ceramic team are up to the task.


The services

Here at Howe Ceramics dental lab in Sunbury-on-Thames, our CDTs are qualified to carry out the following services:

  • Thorough clinical examinations
  • Design and construction of dentures and other removable dental appliances
  • Create and process radiographs
  • Fit and adjust dental appliances
  • Provide advice, ongoing care and treatment to the patient regarding removeable prosthetics

For comfortable, fitted dentures handmade and fit by the Howe Ceramics dedicated CDT, get in touch today.

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